Monday, June 18, 2012

I built my trash a house!!!

Over the last few weeks I have been designing and redesigning a house for our garbage and showing Hubby the plans and trying to see if I was forgetting anything.

Literally, we live so far away from a hardware store (not counting the Tiny 211-Hardware around the corner) that if you forget just one thing it could put your whole project on hold right in the middle of it.

So, I went over the plans again.  Then I showed them to Hubby again, who glazed over.  Then I let them sit and I stewed over them for a bit.

Then I helped Hubby with his big project!  Which put ALL of mine on hold. :-)

Sidebar:  This coconut tea I just bought from Cost Plus is out of this world!!!!

So, the day came.  I cleared  the land.  Moved 3 rows of pallets (not fun!!) and picked two of the strongest one's for the base.

We decided to leave the floor open slats.  It has its pro's and con's... Con being a possible animal could get in... Pro being if something liquid spilled I could just hose it all out!

Next, it was time to start taking the pallets apart and using the 2x4's to build the frame!  I actually was glad I waited on starting this project.  With my hubby's project I learned a lot of new building techniques and brought those on to this project.  I can almost guarantee that this thing, when done, will hold up to our 40 mph winds.  

Of course, not right now!

The next step was taking the pallet boards and putting the walls up. 

I used the boards for the sides.  The back was going to be extremely tricky so I went over and with permission used the left over OSB cuttings from my Hubby's project.

Sidebar:  I am chomping at the bit wanting to use all his left over material!!!!!  Hurry up and finish this project already!!!!!  Hehehehe

So next was the roof.  This is pretty much where I start flying from the seat of my pants.  Literally!  How do I do a roof!!?  This is probably where you can tell that Hubby's project doesn't have a roof either!

So I grabbed some used plastic and stapled it up.  It's not perfect and not completely covered.  Yes, that is a plastic bag over on the far end!  Ugh!!

But at least the stuff all will fit and looks cute.... Hmmm, now I see I will need a shelf!

I was planning on using the thin pallet boards for the roof.  But after trying and trying to look at how the rain water will run off of them I gave up for the night and went inside to sit and think it over in front of the brain sucking tuby box (TV).

It worked.  I sent Hubby a text and asked him if I could kindly use (have) one of the OSB sheets to use on my project.  He said yes, since we had extra!

Sidebar:  We had extra because I, thinking we were out of them and needing more, purchased 6 more sheets at the hardware store.  Only to find out that, well, I failed to see the 6 other sheets under the second tarp of building materials.

Extra's are always good right??????

So, the next morning I woke up, really really early, jazzed about the solution to the roof and happy the sun now comes up at 0530 hours and even happier that it wasn't going to rain today.

I headed up for my sheet of OSB, and installed the roof in under 10 minutes!!!  Then took another extra cut off piece and used it for the shelf.  Using pallet 2x4's as braces.

Now, here is my next dilemma.... DOORS!!!!  How do I build them?  The whole reason for building this house for the garbage is to keep the bears (they leave big teeth marks) and racoons out of our trash!!  The bungee cords just weren't cutting it anymore.

But how to I make the doors?  Part of me, the part that is sick of taking the pallets apart (back breaking work I tell you) wanted to go over and sneak a few more sheets of OSB... but, they would be totally noticeable since he will be parking in front of them every day!!!

I mulled every option I could over in my brain.  And seriously, there was only one solution.  So I headed off to the pallet dismantling area (the other side of the garage) and started lifting the big cinder block and taking apart the pallets.... To make the doors.

Ok, so in the end I did it right.  Ugh!   

I installed the hardware that I purchased several months ago for this project and for well, just about 40.00 I have a house for my garbage!  And for your information, the hardware was installed crooked on purpose!!!  

And the inside is organized!  We have cans for our trash and bins for our recyclables and a little container for all our used up batteries that, well, I no longer will be sneaking into the regular trash.  Like I would ever do that!  well, not up here anyways.  ;-)

I wanted to paint it... But Hubby says he likes the rustic look.  So I will be looking in to trying to preserve it in some way.  I know the OSB will hold up, my father in law has had an truck bed cover made out of it on the back of his truck for well over 20 years.  Maybe by then I can afford a big girl house with a really big trash can house!
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