Friday, May 11, 2012

I puttered around today!

Today was one of those days. 

You know the kind.

Where you have a ton of projects to do, but while you really want to start on another big one, you really need to go around and finish with the little ones you have. 

Today was that day.  I got to get a lot of stuff done that was on my list.  Most of which didn't have a lot of 'wow' factor to it. 

Except this:
They finally opened.  Not the blue I used to have on Garland.  I really really miss my Garland Iris', but they are 2 toned and beautiful and make me smile when I walk out the door and see them!

I went with friends out for morning coffee and asked if I could take a sprig of Rosemary at the cafe we were at (They had the plant I love!!!)

They said yes, so I went right home and cut it up!  

My plan... to try and make more Rosemary plants out of this one sprig.  

If I get my way, I could end up with 11 plants.... In reality, I will be happy with 3-4... Because with those... I will make more!!! (Insert evil laugh here!).

I'm not done with the Rosemary however.  If you know me.. You know I don't like to just waste!!  So I took the cut up left over leaves you see in the cup on the left.. and set out to dry them...

Since I don't have a drying rack for herb leaves... I was going to have to make one.

Darn.  That would require that I turn on my nail gun!!!  :-)

I took the left over wood I had from the stakes I cut down (when I was staking the raspberry bushes I still need to post about!  Ooops), laid them out and cut out a section of left over screen I had from when I made our screen doors on Garland.  (Yes I apparently save everything).  I sandwiched them between the stake wood and viola!!!

A cute little rack to dry herbs from my garden on a small scale.  They are now placed in a dark area of the house.  Leaving a wonderful aroma in the house and letting them dry! 

If it was harvest time with a lot to dry, I would whip out the dehydrator.  However, this little amount doesn't appear cost effective to run the dehydrator.  So I'm going old school for now! 

Next, I tackled the garden hose, again!! 

I stood at the new wood pile and thought... Went and got the other book with the 'other' box plans and proceeded to 'make it up' as I went along.

Laying out the left over wood... choosing ones that all 'seemed' to be the right sizes and using the nail gun... Phoot, phoot phoot's later I was on my way to having a garden hose house.

 Can you say 'UGLY!!!!'

I sat there in the heat of the day, (It got to be about 71' today!!!!) contemplating whether or not to paint it.  Sure I could do it later.  Set it up, put the hose in it.. But would I really paint it later if I set it up already????

Probably not! 

So, I gathered up the paint cans... Prayed over them that they would still be good enough to use (no one told me paint goes bad when it freezes!!!  I am learning the hard way!)  and started painting...

Till it was done!  It's cute!!  The hose all curled up nice and neat inside!  Yep!  I am glad I painted it!!

But, since I had the primer and the paint already out, and it was all still good.  I decided to paint the steps at the pump house...  Might as well strike while the brush is already wet and dirty! 

Steps are finally done!!!!!  Seriously never thought I would get to these since it started raining on me last fall!

I then went and primed and painted the deck.  So tomorrow I will be able to finally do the unveiling of it.   Poor Maggie spent most of her day in her personal space.  1. She puts herself in there during the heat of the day!  and 2. I started painting the deck and didn't want her running all over it!  I spilled enough paint on the bricks just on my own.

After that I dragged our new garden hoses around the land to see just how far they would reach and watered some plants.  Sprinkled some snail dust on stuff... tucked my Rosemary babies in the little baby greenhouse and came inside to free Maggie. 

And eat!!!!  I was a hungry puppy!!!

Yes, this is the salad that I was eating as I was reading Facebook.... The same salad that fell out of my mouth with excitement as I saw the picture of all the pallets my hubby was near while at work! 

I think it's time for a shower and to start my inside chores. 

Tomorrow, some more gardening, clean out barrels and put the deck together!!!!!  But right now, Maggie was promised chair time and I need to study up on my next project. 
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