Thursday, April 19, 2012

Redirecting water... Story of my life!

There is something different about living up here in Oregon as opposed to, say, California, Central Valley.  For instance, the weather.  In California it would rain 6 times a year.  In that time we would get anywhere from 6 inches to possibly 12 inches if we were lucky.  I usually, having worked in a basement with no windows, would never see the rain. 

The rarity of this raining occasion would cause people to cancel functions and often be heard of making tea or cocoa and sitting on their shade porches or inside their living rooms perched in front of a window all comfy covered in a chair watching the rain.

I know, I know, the Oregon folks have just laughed and rolled their eyes.  'you cancel your day and sit and WATCH the rain? are you guys nuts?'

 I lower my head, in somewhat shame and embarrassment and proclaim softly, 'it never rains in California!'   

Isn't that a song or something? 

This would of course be done in my whiny, 'poor blonde female me' voice.  Imagine a dog with eyes and nose down and begging for pets.

Fast forward me to the present, slap dog on the coast of Oregon, where we get, 60 inches of rain and that, is totally a low average.  The weather is something I have come to realize no weather man can actually predict. 

And, you are of no help to me!!

I'm being so serious!

People are seen mowing their lawns in the rain, building fire houses in the rain!  Running, walking their dog, riding motor cycles, even Motor cops ride in the rain and if you are like me, installing drainage ditches, in the rain!

We have the area on the side of the garage.  Where all the rain comes down not only off of the roof of the garage, but off of the hill slope on the other side.  The entire area puddles with water and the ground becomes a soupy mess.  Hence the reason for having to walk on the pallets if you want to get to the back side.  It heads straight to the pump house where it sits underneath it and just festers. 

I can just here the mosquito's sending out their invitations for a party!!

So, on my list of many things is installing drainage to redirect the water to, like, say, the pond we have at the base of our property.  It's a ways away, but I figure if I just keep installing the drainage till I finally, through my building and wall building, get it finally to the pond, in the next few years I will have succeeded! 

So, having installed perforated drainage pipe along the base of the garage where all the water will be running in to, I then dug a pipe all along the back of the garage for it to travel through till it gets to it's final 'dump' site! 

30 feet of sewer pipe.  The T that is in the middle is for the overflow of the water system that I am installing later.  So for now, it's being capped off.  

Installing the drain pipe meant I had to dig up along the garage back side and the patio pavers that I installed on the front side of it.  Then cover it all up! 

We came home with the 10 ft lengths in the back of our truck... I only thought it funny to leave the red flag on the end of the pipe.  You never know when someone might just happen to almost run into the pipe.. This way, they will see there is a pipe!!  ;-)

 Our inspector had to make sure the pipe was friendly enough to stay on the land. 

It passed. 

So with this installed, my next project at this part of the property will be gutters and water barrel installation.  But that will have to wait for a bit.  The rain has stopped and I need to dig dirt and install a retaining wall, out of tires! 

Don't worry, you will barely be able to see the tires when I am done with it!  


On a happy note, we have finally gotten Maggie to stop eating off the floor.  Last year when she got sick, for an unknown, probably passed history illness she stopped eating out of her bowl.  So we 1. needed to get her to stop eating so fast, and 2.  we needed to get her to eat period!  So, I am embarrassed to say that she was eating on the carpet in front of the stove for the last year.  There seems to be something with the sound of food in a bowl that scares her, or she just doesn't like.

I purchased a small cookie sheet and covered it with left over shade black-out cloth (only because it was free and left over!).  It took us about a week to get her to actually eat by the window.   Slowly moving her food an inch closer each feeding time and viola, she is finally eating her food without freaking out. 

Ok, I still have to be sitting on the stool in the kitchen.  But she is eating on a make shift bowl and I'm not stepping on her food all the time!  

Yay for both of us!!!!!!
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