Sunday, April 15, 2012

I worked Hubby hard on his days off!!

 Today was supposed to be sunny and a high of 61'!  I would like to point out that it never got to 61 and I am inside with the time to write... Because it is raining!! 

Hubby would sweetly say, "TIO Baby!" 

To which I would laugh and repeat it right back to him.  "TIO indeed!"  and we would both laugh.

 So what really have I been up to since my last post? 

A LOT!!!

But in the name of time and wanting not to bore you to tears I will stick with just one topic... Hubby had detail change which meant we got to spend 7 days together!!!  It was like a dream!  7 days together, just soaking up being with him is an awesome treat! 

So what did we do?  Well, in those 7 days we rested for 2 and worked our rear off for the other 5!!

You thought I was going to talk about the table I was building weren't you?? 

Na, I'll save that for the next post!  It's an awesome table but I need sun to get a good picture.  Sun is not something we get much of up here!  So for now, let me get you all caught up on what we did!

We hosted family dinner and made my step dad Dr. Pepper cupcakes... Because he loves Dr Pepper.  They were OK.   Good, but nothing I would do again, unless he wanted them again! 

We searched for prices on canning jars... The best place to buy them is Bi-Mart then Winco, then Walmart... So far.  

While searching for prices we finally found the feet for the kitchen stool that Nanny used to have in her kitchen!  Yeah!!! No more cut up floor from the metal sharp legs.  

Just for info, we found these at Walmart and they were 1.77.  We actually had them in our Amazon cart and were going to pay close to 8.00 for them!!  Ouch!!  So glad we walked the isles!

We also caught up with Mom on where she gets her printer ink.  She keeps talking about how cheap she gets it for.  We are paying an arm and leg and between printer ink and gas we won't be able to eat pretty soon.  So we asked, and she gave us this card... and we ordered and it literally arrived in 2 days.  We thanked Brian (our UPS man) and installed the cartridges we were out of and we could once again print!  Let me just say.... the whole order was 8 cartridges, and it cost 1/4 of what it would normally cost!   

Ya, we are happy campers again!

We were working around the yard.  Mostly in the mud where the camera's and phones don't go. Taking the shovels we went out to the side garage and finally leveled it out.  Can I just say what a life saver that was for me?  It was horrible and hard to move... and with hubby we just got in there and poof!  3 hours later it was done!  We were hurting.. But it was done.

Then, the next day we were out again and going over what I needed to do and what I needed to do before I could do everything and out of the blue, Hubby disappeared. 

Then he returned a few minutes later with a surprise.  It was going to arrive in 40 minutes!  And when it did, it was better then any pair of shoes one could possibly want!!!! 

I got 10 yards of gravel!!!!!!

 Pick up a shovel cause tomorrow is supposed to rain!!!!  Let's Move it!!!!

Move it!!!! Move it!!!!

We had the guy dump a bit by the garage for me to spread out on the side of the garage we had just leveled.  AKA the sloshy soupy mess of dirt!  Just keep moving when you walk here... or you will sink!!!  And no one will be able to get to you in time!

Then we had him drive out of the driveway and just dump as he went.  He actually has an attachment thingy that he hooked up as he drove off... that laid a nice even layer as he went!

Yay!!  The dirt free zone is increasing!!!!

 There was a little mis-hap, the gravel went way to far to the end of the road and hubby ended up scrapping it up and bringing it to me, and I widened the road with it.  It was all good.

The pile he laid we used to make a drainage ditch and fill it in and then put a layer down in hopes to stop from sinking in the dirt.  It actually works already.  I can hardly wait for the dirt to dry out.

Looks much nicer!!!
 We organized the pallet collection that I have going on.  Isn't it pretty? 

You don't have to say it!  Hubby already called me CDO several times!  

We had to lay older pallets down for a walkway, since we were sinking in the dirt just walking there.  This way, the pallets are sinking and we are staying drier.  That is, if we don't fall off the pallets trying to balance them while carrying a pallet and place it in the appropriate pile!  Whew!!!

We then scoured the entire land looking for all the old wood around.  We needed to make more planters for the garden and well, we were running out of the wood.  So we found enough to make 4 more beds!  Yay!!!!

 With the ones Mom helped me make and the few I made on my own we are still short. 

 We finally taught Maggie how to play Tug of war!  She loves it!  Just like most things she didn't get to learn via being a real dog.  It took awhile for her to learn it, but she loves it and is getting much stronger at it!

 I washed Hubby's blue tooth and head phone's!!! So, they spent a day in our electronic rice bag.  The headphones survived!  Thank you God.  The blue tooth however, died.  So I gave him mine!  He uses it way more, and to be honest, I never even took mine out of the package! 

Maggie helped me transplant our rock Pansies.  I bought 2 6-packs of pansies last year because I was home sick for some kind of flower amongst the dirt.  This year I look out and all over, ALL OVER, the gravel where the planters used to be are little pansy plants!  Hundreds of them.  I love them so much I can't let them go to waste or be stepped on, so I am digging them up and transplanting them all!  One by one, I'm calling it my relaxing time, because well, it is!!  Maggie is mesmerized by it!  She just stands and watches me rescue them, one after the other.  Then follows me around with the container.

"Mom, are they safe now?"  "Mom, they're my friends, don't take them away!"  "Mom, can I lick them?"
 They're so pretty!!!

 We took Maggie to the beach!  The one thing in the world she is not scared of... sand!!  With her long leash we let her run her body wild as she tore up her area of sand. 
Happy dog here!!!!!

Then finally, or sadly, as our time was coming to an end we had the most awesome set of days off together.  We snuck up into the secret spot we found to go shooting and played around for a bit. 

I turned and saw this view and it just hit me, how blessed are we?  To be in a place where one minute we are at the beach and 5 minutes later we are up in the mountains with a fabulous view!!

And you just have to say "TIO Baby!!! TIO!!!!"

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