Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prayer Board Re-Do

 I never used to have a prayer board in my home... Till one day I told someone I would pray for them and by the time I got off the phone.  I realized, I was praying for more people then I could remember.  And what for? 

I wanted to take my walk with the Lord seriously.  I knew He knew everything about me and I wanted to follow and know about His children. 

Then one day, while doing a bible study, I read that praying for someone was like participating in the miracle that God was about to do in their life.  It was the closest thing to actually doing the miracle that we could do!  It made me take my prayer life for others and myself, more seriously.

So I made a prayer board.  I had it hanging in our laundry room at Garland Manor.  But hanging it here was a little different (no laundry room walls).  While we used to pick names and pray for them while we were folding laundry, we find ourselves now, picking names and praying for them while we pass down the hall. 

 Old board was stationary store looking with no charm.  It needed to catch a re-do.  So I took it apart and headed to the garage! 

 This is Maggie, saying "Are we done yet???"  Over and over. 

Work space set up and off we went.  I used left over pieces from all the jobs that I had done since being here.  So the whole thing cost me nothing!  Zero, Nada!!

I love Zero Balances!

I painted it the same accent color as some of the shelves in the house and also the banquet benches.

Scuffed it up with sandpaper and made it look worn, old and somewhat like I dragged it out of an old barn.

Needing a way to 'hang' the marker I rummaged through Bart (Don't all toolboxes have names?)  I found in the bottom of Bart all the old window latches from Garland Manor!


Taking old screws from my screw jar (really it's an old baby wipes container) I screwed it on sticking it up just enough to hold the marker in perfect place.  

Just in case no one would notice what it actually was, I wrote it on the board...

Now, we also write our prayers on the board in a way that we would only be able to tell.  Somewhat codeish you could say.  Like praying for an friend we used to work with that's detail started with 4Z we would write '4ZTPD'  To us that means to pray for our friend whose detail was 4Z and the TPD was the agency they asked us to pray they get hired on at!

We really do remember it all!  I don't remember to clean the liter box all the time, but I do remember the prayers on the board!

It must be a God thing.

 This is also a God thing.  He made this for us!  To enjoy and stare at, and ponder over. 

He is amazing!!!

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