Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Building a Banquet and still not being able to say it!

 Sometime's there are days when one (Ok, me) needs to head out into the jungle of the garage and plug in extension cords and tools and fire up the air compressor and just, well, get covered in saw dust and disappear into the heavy sound of the saw's and guns! 

These last few days have been 'those' type's of days. 

I took the opportunity to build ourselves a banguet for the dinning area we are making out of the living room.  I say, out of the living room because I think they intended the dining area to be in the kitchen area...

Of which is 170sg ft big!!

I know!  It's really huge isn't it??  So big that on a daily basis with a husband making coffee a dog wanting to eat breakfast and a wife trying to make humans breakfast there are moments where saying excuse me is just, well.... said more then, anything else! 

Let's take a trip down memory lane... Of just how many places I have put the dining area....

When we first got the house..... Wide open spaces....

It was first by the front door.  Didn't work... Was more of a catch all and not able to eat at it.

We moved it into the kitchen area.. by the window.. But seriously was cramped... And that was before we had Christmas dinner  of 7 in here!!! 


"Mom, I'm hungry!! I don't understand what you mean by 'Daddy needs to make coffee'!!"

So out of desperation.. We moved it here... In the living room.  Which isn't much bigger then the kitchen!  But, after Christmas, I wanted to cook dinners without people playing board games all day!  

So, while I loved our chair in this spot.... (because I could put my coffee on the counter behind the chair... )

Perfect height to reach back and grab a cup of coffee!!!!

 We moved the chair to the other side of the living room near the front door.  I will have to build some sort of 'wrap around' sofa type table for our coffee. 

Yes, coffee is that important!!! 

But back to the dining area... This table and chairs is not working.  Yes, It's out of the way of the cooking and prep area... but the table is really to small for entertaining, and the weather here is not like where we came from... Where our dining room was outside!!  (Actually 2 dining area's were outside!)  So, I have to come up with a solution to fixing the seating issue.

And well, maybe it's time that I get a real dining room table!! 

Sticking a table in the corner would be a waist of space.  So while on Pinterest I noticed there were a ton of idea's for banquets!  What a perfect solution!  I started pinning them to boards so I could save them for reference later. 

Then, with pencil and paper I started the mapping out of the plans.....

It changed during the building... It always does...

Then the fun... 

 I went shopping for it!  My toy store was happy I was there!  With about 160.00 worth of wood, I was on my way to creating a comfortable spot with a purpose! 

I hoped!!!

Then the building began!!  It was pouring outside and I locked myself in the garage with power tools.  Ahhhhh!!! I love the smell of fresh cut lumber and the sound of an air compressor!!!

I decided to do them in 2 parts.  Mainly, it would be easier to build and for me to carry down the stairs and into the house.  Which I did during a 5 hour down pour!!! 

The scary stairs I built... They aren't secured down yet, so, well, step carefully! 

Last night, I stayed up way late into the morning and painted them!  I thought of staining them.. and then thought again.  These would be painted.. The table is a different story... 

So now, with the seating out of the way ... We need a place to put our dishes!  

 Emily and I were up late (in between the paint drying) and surfed around on Pinterest for ideas on table finishes.  She chased this paintbrush in the video during the whole 5 minute video! 

 Even more priceless you see how I have to read the computer screen!!  She's either in front demanding for attention, sunning herself under the desk (her personal heat) lamp or ignoring me asleep on the bed. 

Life is good...

Now, off to pick up more pallets and water barrels and buy some straw!!

Yes, Life is good!!!
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